Tuesday, February 7, 2017


About Us:
* We are Creators dreaming our stories alive, tasked with creating the telling of our stories.

* We create Technology and Stories told through interactive, innovative, inclusive, and immersive ways and means.

* We use sensitivity to sense-imagineer all that enables humanity to channel-in-to-discover and establish next generation technology.

* We use technology that engages all of our senses: from acoustic engineering to haptic tactile imagineering to light field photography creating a holographic story sharing space.

* Projects include HD (high definition), digital special visual effects and animation in 3D/4D/5D/6D and beyond. Currently we are experimenting with 360 immersive experiential environments, Ai (augmented intelligence), AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), AS (augmented sensitivity), VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality) and beyond.

* We are Founders and Innovators creating transformation of vision to support peace-projects.

* We are Futurists and Digital Strategists re-imagining our worldview to be inclusive of all Life, in all Life's forms.

* We are Visionary Contributors creatively re-imagining our worldview of Planetary and Space ethics. Supported by innovative invention we manifest new and old wisdom technologies that are deployed with emotional intelligence (Ei) in communication.

General Inquires: solitonimages@gmail.com

2017 Technology-Art Entertainment Projects
* A Moving Awareness (feature film in development)
* Beyond Intelligence (feature film in development)
* 2017 "The Book of Peace: Intention and Desire".
Currently an online e-book-blog being developed into a series of hardcover and digital books, VR experiences plus feature films. "The Book of Peace" features the words and photography of Karin Lisa Atkinson. To date she has had over 100 million views, in over 204 nations and territories, with a quarter of a million followers - facilitated by Google translate tools in over 90 languages,

Assorted Projects over the years

* 2017 State of California Digital Mentor to high school, college and university students studying digital careers. facilitated by Eido (success through knowledge)

* 2004-2017 Selection Panel member for BAFTA Student Film Awards" (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)

* 2017 Women in Virtual Reality (WiVR) member for promotion and celebration of the contributions that women have made and continue to make in virtual reality.

* 2000-2017 Futurist, Digital Strategist, Digital Content Technology Project Management, Pipelines and Artistry: Digital Production of Pre-Production (story) through Production (pipeline) to Post-Production completion (delivery) for all-digital 3D CG animated feature films and Live-Action films (big-budget blockbusters with large shot-count digital visual effects, independent films, and international co-productions). Past projects include co-productions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Rafael, Palo Alto, Hawaii, New York, Chicago, Texas, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Florida, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, London, UK, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, UK Channel Islands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

* 1993-2017 Futurist, Digital Strategist, Market Entry Strategist, Mentorship services to Founders of Start-Ups using new technologies including: Low Carbon Accelerator/ Low Carbon Investors/ Low Carbon Holdings - Solar, Wind, Energy Storage (London, Guernsey, California), Eastman Kodak (China), Sundance Film Festival (China), Garfield by Jim Davis (China), Rhythm and Hues (International), This Is Cartagena (London-Colombia), Genius Films (Los Angeles-Romania), United Nations/UNESCO (China), Canadian Embassy (China), US Department of Commerce and US Global Technology Initiative (China), United States Embassy (China), Complete Post (Australia), Santa Monica Films (Los Angeles), Beijing Film Studio (China), China Cinema Network Group (China), Fuelture (Scotland), Cambridge Polymer (UK), Shanghai Film Festival (China), Asia Society (Los Angeles/New York), 1st US-China Film Industry Conference (LA), Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (China), Grey Advertising (China), Canada Film and TV Festival (China), Mongolian-Canada TV Week (China), UK Government Digital Futures Initiative (UK)

* 2012-2017 Contributing Participant to 5D Institute, a cutting edge USC (University of Southern California) non-profit Organized Research Unit dedicated to creating the future of world building. World Building designates a narrative practice in which the design of a world precedes the telling of a story. World Building is founded on three beliefs, namely that storytelling is the most powerful system for the advancement of human capability due to its ability to allow the human imagination to precede the realization of thought; that all stories emerge logically and intuitively from the worlds that create them; and that new technologies powerfully enable us to sculpt the imagination into existence. 5D Institute is the world's leading World Building collective. Their network of preeminent World Builders transcends borders and boundaries in film, animation, fashion, gaming, theatre, television, music, architecture, science, interactive media and more. Through the newly cemented partnership with USC School of Cinematic Arts, 5D Institute is at the front lines of the new media landscape.

* 2012-2017 Contributing Participant to The Peace Project. So far projects include: books, "Make Peace, Peace Travels" US Touring art exhibition, and "The Peace Museum" being built in Africa with support of the United Nations (from the proceeds of the art sales from this book and exhibition) to support rehabilitate child soldiers.

* 2012-2013 Judge of the Student Short Film Contest and Technology Mentor for the annual California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. The theme and title of the Student short film contest was "Creativity Inspires Change: The Art of Symbiosis and Everyday Choices for Sustainability". Soliton Images was proud to be invited again to participate on the panel of Judges for this "sustainable technology meets art" short film contest. In 2013, the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference highlighted cutting-edge research, as well as case studies with proven successes in curriculum development, operational programs, and community partnerships. The event was jointly organized by independent/private colleges, California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and the University of California to create the opportunity for dialogue across institutions. The conference added a new focus that went beyond campus boundaries, into the surrounding communities and cities, to expand inclusive opportunities and partnerships to build sustainable communities. The conference focus was inclusive, and comprehensive, building on the concept of sustainable communities enhance campus and community relationships. The following partners collaborated with CSULB and the conference steering committee of 2012-2013 to realize this successful event: U.S. EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities, the City of Long Beach, Port Technology of Los Angeles, Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach City College, U.S. Green Building Council–Los Angeles, Urban Land Institute–Los Angeles, International Town Gown Association, and the Alliance to Save Energy.

* 2013-2012 Start-up Mentor, Curator, Participating artist in The Los Angeles Wilshire Center Business District “Old Hollywood” Architecture and Art Walk - a celebration and teaching on how to create a Sustainable Urban Village. Mentoring the Start-Up of the monthly Los Angeles inner-city art and architecture walk created to teach and celebrate "How To Live A Sustainable Urban Life". By integrating innovative technology into the city grid a rejuvenation and enlightenment grows in LA's core supporting historic architecture and contemporary local artists. Supported by the Wilshire Center Business Improvement District and the Wilshire Center Business Improvement Corporation. Artists from the digital visual effects and animation industry share their personal art.

* 2012 Digital Mentor to internet start-up "Tz'utujil Mayan Indigenous Art of Guatemala" Located in the Mayan community of San Pedro la Laguna, Solola, Guatemala. A community-based internet start-up and mentorship using a fair-trade sustainable international business model to create and sell art created by the community cooperative "Tz'utujil Mayan Indigenous Art of Guatemala". Percentage of the profits go to "the profit-sharing life-opportunities for Mayans program" and the "Mayan Children's Education Fund". All sacred Mayan Calendar Nawal Nahuales Glyph Arts and Crafts are created by local Mayan single mothers, and the profits are paid directly to the Mayan women craft artisans and their children.

* 2011 Invited Speaker and Workshop Leader for the MIT Global Startup Workshop (GSW) in Seoul, South Korea. The MIT-GSW is organized annually, in different global locations, to bring together entrepreneurial leaders, financiers, students, professors, government agents and private parties to build a global support network for sustainable-smart entrepreneurship ~ bridging boundaries across different sectors and nations to stimulate discussion, generate ideas and share best-integrity sustainable entrepreneurial practices.

 * 2011-2012 Judge of the Student Short Film Contest and Technology Mentor for the annual "The California Higher Education Sustainability Conference" The theme of the student short film contest was "Everyday Choices for Sustainability". The future is in symbiotic relationships and so through short film submissions, the voices of campus communities spoke to inspire awareness, and catalyze individuals to make personally powerful choices. Individual's daily choices reverberate throughout all ecosystems on our shared planet. A timely message to community on the importance of creating a sustainable world. This short film contest combined art and science to illustrate "how everyday choices individuals and communities make foster sustainability and motivate the growth of positive peaceful collaborative in our world".

* 2001 Speaker on "Global Effects" at The Visual Effects Society Summit in London

* 1999-2000 Speaker and Moderator for "Digital Futures" conference at Stanford Graduate School of Business - Stanford University in California.

Definition and Nature of Solitons:
* Solitons are of peaceful, permanent forms, localized, and interact with other solitons to emerge from the collision of interaction unchanged ~ except for a phase shift.
* Solitons are still, placid, self-aware, self-reinforcing solitary waves of creation eg: a pulse of light.
* Solitonic creation maintains its shape while it travels at constant speed.
* Solitons arise as solutions of and to a widespread class of weaker systems which result from lack of integrity.
* Life models it's Self from waves of solitonic creation which emanate from source. Truth resides and reflects in the wholeness within all life, moving and still.