Tuesday, February 7, 2017


About Us:
* We are Creators dreaming our stories alive, tasked with creating the telling of our stories.

* We create Technology and Stories told through interactive, innovative, inclusive, and immersive ways and means.

* We use sensitivity to sense-imagineer all that enables humanity to channel-in-to-discover and establish next generation technology.

* We use technology that engages all of our senses: from acoustic engineering to haptic tactile imagineering to light field photography creating a holographic story sharing space.

* Projects include HD (high definition), digital special visual effects and animation in 3D/4D/5D/6D and beyond. Currently we are experimenting with 360 immersive experiential environments, Ai (augmented intelligence), AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), AS (augmented sensitivity), VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality) and beyond.

* We are Innovators creating transformation of vision to support peace-projects.

* We are Futurists and Digital Strategists re-imagining our worldview to be inclusive of all Life, in all Life's forms.

* We are Visionary Contributors creatively re-imagining our worldview of Planetary and Space ethics. Supported by innovative invention we manifest new and old wisdom technologies that are deployed with emotional intelligence (Ei) in communication.

General Inquires: solitonimages@gmail.com

2017 Technology-Art Entertainment Projects
* A Moving Awareness (preproduction)
* 2424 (feature film in development)
* Beyond Intelligence (feature film in production)
* This Is Not Real (feature film in development)

"The Book of Peace: Intention and Desire".
Currently an online e-book-blog being developed into a series of print and digital books, augmented reality (AR) experiences plus feature films. "The Book of Peace" features the words and photography of Karin Lisa Atkinson. To date she has garnered over 100 million readers, in over 204 nations and territories, with over a quarter of a million followers (facilitated by Google Blogger and Google Translate tools in over 100 languages).

* Contributing Participant: Rochester Institute of Technology, Los Angeles based Entertainment Advisory Board

* Contributing Participant: 2017 State of California Digital Mentorship: high school, college and university students studying digital entertainment technology and art media. Facilitated by Eido (success through knowledge)

* Selection Panel participant: British Academy of Film and Television Arts Student Film Awards 2004-2017

* Contributing Participant: Women in XR coalition of industry players including venture, corporate, media and startup partners dedicated to elevating women founders and offering support resources to advance their startups.

* Contributing Participant: Women in Virtual Reality (WiVR) promoting and celebrating of the contributions that women have made and continue to make in virtual reality.

* Contributing Participant: 5D Institute / University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, a cutting edge non-profit Organized Research Unit at the front lines of the new media technology landscape and dedicated to creating the future of world building.

* Contributing Participant: The Peace Project. "Make Peace, Peace Travels" US Touring and world wide web digital art exhibition, print book release and physical projects like building "Peace Museums". With the support of the United Nations, peace projects are created by artists from around the world, who use 'art to create new opportunities for healing'. Goals include, rehabilitation of returning child soldiers, support for home based community building and internally displaced persons (IDPs) who are civilian victims of war  (also externally displaced persons who are refugees of war seeking new homes).

* Selection Panel Participant: California Higher Education Sustainability Conference Student Short Film Contest and Storytelling Technology Mentorship. "Creativity Inspires Change: The Art of Symbiosis and Everyday Choices for Sustainability". Jointly organized by independent/private colleges, California Community Colleges, California State Universities, and the University of California to create the opportunity for dialogue across institutions. The conference added a new focus that went beyond campus boundaries, into the surrounding communities and cities, to expand inclusive comprehensive opportunities and partnerships to build sustainable communities.

* Contributing Participant: Stanford University Digital Futures Conference

* Invited Participant: MIT Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW) and Global Mentorship

Definition and Nature of Solitons:
* Solitons are of peaceful, permanent forms, localized, and interact with other solitons to emerge from the collision of interaction unchanged ~ except for a phase shift.
* Solitons are still, placid, self-aware, self-reinforcing solitary waves of creation eg: a pulse of light.
* Solitonic creation maintains its shape while it travels at constant speed.
* Solitons arise as solutions of and to a widespread class of weaker systems which result from lack of integrity.
* Life models it's Self from waves of solitonic creation which emanate from source. Truth resides and reflects in the wholeness within all life, moving and still.